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Customer Reviews

Sally Olman

This product has really helped me. Ever since I got Aurthritis in my knee, my mobility has been limited. Ever since I purchased the Wonder Cane, it has helped me do things I haven't done in years.

Thanks L&L Canes!

Mike Flemming Macintosh

This cane gets nothing but good comments from me! I was in an IED explosion in Iraq, causing severe trauma to my legs. This cane, and company, have been there to help make sure I get my mobility back. I will tell my war-injured buddies about L&L Canes' product.


Julius Long

This cane has performed wonders for my lower-back, thank you!


Kassandra White

Yet again, L&L Canes gives my grandmother another, beautiful cane.

Cory Dranoel

5 Stars on the cane.

Samuel Foley

I am a teenager with aching leg-caps, this cane has helped me get back into the world and live my life again.

Thank you Wonder Cane.

Btw, Leg-caps are knee caps :P

- Sam