L&L Canes

Pioneering In Cane Safety


About L&L Canes

     Est. in 2012 by Nicholas and Blake, L&L Canes has changed the lives of many people. We are an American based company employing trained professionals. Based in Southwest Iowa, we strive to satisfy our customers.

     Co-founders Nick and Blake, took time to listen to Iowa's senior citizens, disabled Americans, and military veterans about what they wanted in a cane. The end results from surveys showed safety, security, and ease were the most wanted.

     They later researched other canes to see pro's and con's of each. After weeks of thinking about a design, they came up with the cane of the century.

The Wonder Cane - The Cane of the Century

The Wonder Cane is a once-in-a-life-time type of product. L&L Canes came up with the idea of a new breed in canes after they saw a senior citizen fall and break her hip because of a faulty cane. Our company wanted to take action and help ease the lives of cane users from all over the Unites States and the world.

When we transformed out ideas into actions, we built the multi-purpose Wonder Cane. This new product quickly proved its name and became the cane of the century.


For better lighting, we added a flashlight at the bottom of the cane, where most ground hazards can be found. We are also developing a second flashlight at the top to allow two-way lighting, making objects to be viewed and easily averted. 


We added two reflectors - one in front, and one in the back - to allow you to be spotted when crossing streets.


The cane is made out of pure wood, this allows a strong base to support you.


We are positive you will like the cane, if not, send it back free-of-charge and we will provide a full refund.


We now offer the ability to chose which animal you want to be on your cane handle. Choices include:






Much More!

Details don't stop here, call us (1-won-der-cane) and discover so many more benefits of the Cane of the Century!

Patriot Package - NEW!

We now offer a new package available for purchase, the Patriot Package! This package allows you to show off your American spirit, the right way! Purchasing this package for a small price of $54.99 doesn't only give you the ultimate American experience, it allows you you to recieve free shipping and handling! That's right, FREE shipping and handling anywhere on planet Earth!

A New Partnership

We have teamed up with Fenix Web-Design allowing the ideal website for the wondercane to be possible. This partnership allows more information to be viewed about our company and cane.